Finding a doctor / dentist in Graz

One of the most common questions when moving to Graz is how to find a doctor that speaks your language and accepts your health insurance. I find most doctors here can speak basic English, some better than others. But you may need some German to make an appointment with the receptionist. The very useful Doctor […]

Biking in Graz

Graz is a bike friendly city. There are bike paths everywhere and it’s a great way to get around. Here are a few tips. Bike maps can be obtained for free at the Graz tourist office on Herrengasse or the MobilZentral at Jakominiplatz. These are excellent for figuring out the best bike friendly routes around […]

How to meet people in Graz

Here are a few places to meet other international (English speaking) people. Seddwell Center is one of my favourite places – a home from home for internationals & locals. It’s a bit of hidden treasure but once you find your way there you’ll receive a warm welcome. They host workshops, art exhibitions, music evenings, crafts […]

Sustainability in Graz

Here are some of my favourite resources and places to shop for sustainable living in Graz. Nachhaltig in Graz is a great source of information (mostly in German but you can use a web translator). They have lists of events, recommendations on where to shop & eat, and a huge number of tips on sustainability […]


I love reading! In addition to visiting Graz’s public libraries, I often stop at one of the many ‘little free library’ shelves dotted around Graz. You have probably already seen a few but here is a map showing them all (almost 80!). It’s a world wide movement encouraging people to share their books. You’ll find […]

Ludovico Board Game Library

Austrians love board games and the more complicated the better! (or so it seems with my Austrian family). There is even a special library in Graz devoted to board games. Ludovico at Karmeliterplatz 2 has over 3,800 board games plus 150 computer games both for adults and children. The full list is here. You can […]


Some of my favourite cafes (FYI some get fully booked on weekend mornings for brunch). Rosenhain Cafe is on top of a hill near Geidorf with amazing view over Graz. Well worth the 10 min walk up through the Rosenhain woods. On a sunny day it’s a great place to relax in one of their […]

Drop off play centers

Looking to do some shopping or drink a coffee in peace without the kids? Here are some free or very cheap places which offer supervised childcare between 3 – 10/12 years for an hour or three! Remember to bring socks for your kids. Also these are popular places to have birthday parties as they will […]


Here are some of my favourite places to eat in Graz International Kunsthaus Cafe is part of the modern art Kunsthaus museum and has a cozy eclectic atmosphere. In spring & summer there is an outdoor patio. For lunch they have a couple of daily specials for €6 – €7, Die Scherbe has shabby hipster […]