Die Manufaktur – sustainable textiles

Die Manukatur is a workshop in Gries with a great social purpose. They focus on helping people who are having a hard time entering the workplace and train them on traditional handicrafts, furniture restoration, monument preservation and textile repairs. They also have a small store where you can buy their handmade textiles and upcycled products. A […]

Local Artist – Katcha

As part of my local shopping guide, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite artists & shops in Graz. Katcha Bilek is an award winning designer and a fabulously cool person. She has worn many hats and previously lived in an old fire engine in Spain, creating upcycled art installations for […]

Package free filling stations at Interspar

Two Interspar supermarkets (at CityPark and Murpark shopping centers) are now offering package free filling stations for over 40 organic products. Including pasta, rice, mueslis, nuts as well as pulses and dried fruits. You can bring your own containers or use the paper bags provided by Spar. The filling stations are next to the fresh […]

Unique independent shops in Graz

Graz has some wonderful small independent shops. Here are some interesting ones you may not yet have come across that have been in Graz for over 40 to 250 years! Run by experts in their field, you will receive good advice and products & services not available in the bigger chains. Plus many have a […]

Second hand ski equipment

The snow season is almost upon us again, so time to dust off the skis. Skiing is an expensive sport so one way to keep the prices down is to buy second hand. The charity Carla store in Andritz usually has a good selection of skis, boots and helmets. (I also get all our ski […]

Repair cafes in Graz

Repair cafes are a growing trend worldwide to try and reduce landfill waste and consumption of new items, especially for electronic goods. Volunteers get together and will attempt to fix your broken gadgets, mend your clothes, fix your bike etc. So think twice before throwing something away and see if it can be fixed instead. […]

TIM Car Sharing

If you don’t have a car in Graz, TIM is a great car sharing service. Here are all the good reasons to use them. (I have also heard positive reviews from friends). Affordable – there is a €15 registration fee and €7 a month fee for a membership card. If you have a half year […]

Recycling & Trash in Graz

One of the more challenging tasks of living in another country is attempting to work out how to separate the trash. Every country seems to have it’s own system and Graz is no exception! Also if you live in a multi apartment house you will probably hear complaints from your neighbours if you’re not separating […]

Biking in Graz

Graz is a bike friendly city. There are bike paths everywhere and it’s a great way to get around. Here are a few tips. Bike maps can be obtained for free at the Graz tourist office on Herrengasse or the MobilZentral at Jakominiplatz. These are excellent for figuring out the best bike friendly route around […]