Biking in Graz

Graz is a bike friendly city. There are bike paths everywhere and it’s a great way to get around. Here are a few tips.

Bike maps can be obtained for free at the Graz tourist office on Herrengasse or the MobilZentral at Jakominiplatz. These are excellent for figuring out the best bike friendly route around town. You also download GPS maps onto your phone for the main numbered routes.

bike map Graz showing all the bike paths

Be careful where and how you bike! The police can be quick to stop and fine you. Don’t ride on pavements, across zebra crossings, down Sporgasse or along Herrengasse during the day. Also riding through the Stadtpark is not allowed (only along the bike routes running alongside the park next to the road). I have often seen the bike police fining people here. Also keep in mind if you’re caught biking while intoxicated you can be fined up to €1000 and have your driving license suspended! Plus you can also be fined if you don’t have lights front and back, a bell and two reflectors on each wheel.

There are many beautiful longer bike rides into the countryside for example along the Mur River. Or mountain biking on the Schöckl. You pick up a bike brochure from the tourist office with more routes across Styria.

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