Finding a doctor / dentist in Graz

English speaking doctors and dentists in Graz

One of the most common questions when moving to Graz is how to find a doctor that speaks your language and accepts your health insurance.

I find most doctors here can speak basic English, some better than others. But you may need some German to make an appointment with the receptionist.

The very useful Doctor Search can help you find a doctor that speaks your language and also search by specialty, location, health insurance etc. (In German but you can always use Google Web translator to navigate in English). Doctors are often only open mornings or afternoon. To have full day availability you might consider registering with a hausart at a primary care center such as Medius Zentrum or Allgemeinmedizin Graz Gries, as they take all insurances, longer openings hours and a team of doctors, nurses and therapists all under one roof.

Most doctors will state on their websites which health insurances they accept. Keep in mind a ‘Wahlarzt’ (Private) doesn’t accept any and will invoice you directly. You can then claim back part of the cost with your health insurance provider. Once advantage of a private doctor is a shorter wait time for an appointment and less time too in the waiting room.

You will need a referral from your Hausartz to visit most speciality doctors ‘Fachartz’ (except for Frauenartz, Kinderartz or Mammograms if over 40). You can also only change doctors every quarter (3 months) unless for a special reason – second opinion etc. Remember to check your referral to confirm if the speciality doctor takes your insurance before you can visit. Or make an appointment at the ÖGK Zentrum where they have most speciality doctors under one roof and accept all insurances (it can take several months to get an appointment though).

You are eligible for a free annual preventative healthcare check up once a year. Here is a general explanation for Austrian’s healthcare system and also the private insurances available. Also remember to always take your e-card with you to medical appointments and hospitals. You can read more how the e-card works here. Doctors can also use your e-card to view your on-line heathcare records ‘ELGA‘. You can also view them yourself on-line (instructions here). You can use your e-card to receive medical treatment when traveling in the EU, unless it has all stars on the back (when you have had insurance for less than a year). In this case you need to request a letter of coverage from your insurance provider before travel.

For mammograms, you can read more here about Austria’s early detection program for breast cancer and how to schedule a free appointment. If you pregnant, here’s a useful guide and you can find a list of midwives below who speak English.

For out-of-hours medical advice you can call 1450 Die Gesundheitsnummer to speak to a medical professional who will offer free advice over the phone. On weekends they have paediatricians to advise parents with kids 0 – 6 yrs. They can also if necessary arrange for a doctor to make home visits for more acute cases from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. and 24 hrs Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, call. On weekends there are two doctor practices open mornings & afternoons (one each on the left and right of the Mur). The doctors on duty can be found here. You can also always visit an out-patient walk-in clinic ‘Ambulanz’ at the general hospital.

If you don’t have any health insurance coverage you can receive free basic medical care at the Caritas Clinic on Mariengasse 24 (entrance Kleiststrasse 73) Mon – Fri 12:00 – 14:00. They also have midwives and gynecologists.

Keep in mind regular health insurance does not include mountain rescue by helicopter or stretcher if you have an accident hiking or skiing. The Alpenverein and ÖAMTC offer affordable insurance.

You can search for a dentist that speaks your language here (and also sort by insurance, neighourhood etc). In emergencies you can search for a dentist open on weekends (10 am – 12 pm and 4 pm – 6 pm) here or visit the emergency dentist at LKH.

If you are looking for a pharmacy (Apotheke) outside of normal hours (nights, Sundays or public holidays) the local pharmacies take it in turn to stay open. You can search here to find one open near you- use the red box ‘Apotheke Suche’ , type in address and look for ‘Bereitschaft’.

Here are a few of mine and recommendations from members of the IWA and Women in Graz for English speaking doctors / dentists etc. (Confirm they take your insurance before visiting as information can change).

Hausartz / Allgemeinmedizin /General doctor

Dr. Ulrike Stelzl Marktgasse 5 (St Peter / St Leonard) all insurances

Dr. Faissal Keilani  Zanklstrasse 51 (Gösting) accepts all insurances

Dr. Elisabeth Krainer Merangasse 48 (St Leonard) accepts all insurances

Dr. Astrid Herbst Petrifelderstraße 21 (St Peter) all insurances

Dr. Klaus Pribitzer Morellengeldgasse (St Leonhard) 4/I private (also specialises in sports medicine)

Dr. Michaela Grillitsch Südtirolerplatz 16 (Lend) accepts all insurances

Frauen Artz (GYOBN)

Dr. Michaela Wiegele Attemsgasse 17 (University) BVA, SVA and KFA

Dr. Susanne Schneuber-Freidl Schanzelgasse 42 (St Leonard) private (specialises in fertility issues)

Dr. Andrea Janach Parkstraße 11 (Geidorf) private

Dr. Elke Hörmann Berthold-Linder-Weg 15 (Ragnitz) private

Dr. Barbara Pertl, Berthold-Linder-Weg 15 (Ragnitz) private

Dr. Michael Perschler Hamerlinggasse 6 (city center) all insurances

Dr. Franjo Zivkovic Schumanngasse 3/1 (St. Leonhard) BVA, GKK, KFA

Dr. Gudrun Lorenz-Eberhardt Langegasse 30 /2 (Geidorf) private

Dr. Roswitha Wessely Leonhardstraße 89 (St Leonhard)

Dr. Michaela Bader-Mayer, Rechbauerstraße 20 (City center) private

Hebamme / Midwives

Cathrin Winkle

Isabelle Suppan

Verena Panzitt

Juliana Hörmaier

Hebammenpraxis Gösting – Das Geburtshaus in der Steiermark

Hebammenteam Graz

Wilkommen in Leben

prenatal classes in English

For post-partum depression or general advice during pregnancy and after the birth, you can contact the Beratungszentrum für Schwangere at Caritas. They have a good network of professionals who can help.

Tanja Liebl is also a midwife / therapist and specialises in post-partum depression

Fertility Clinics

Sterignost Linsengasse 46, 9020 Klagenfurt

( Sterignost fertility clinic has one of the highest success rates in Austria (much higher than the clinic at Uni Graz). The staff is incredibly kind and friendly, going out of their way for their patients, and they speak fluent English, Italian and Croatian as well as German. They also do Skype consultations.)


Josef Raschid Hugo-Wolf-Gasse 8c (Geidorf) accepts all insurances


Dr. Evgenia Galli-Novak Mozartgasse 4 (Geidorf) private

Dr Navysany St. Peter-Hauptstraße 50 (St Peters) private

Dr. Bernd Leinweber Beethovenstraße 5 (Geidorf) accepts all insurances

Dr. Ralf Ludwig Plüddemanngasse 15 (St Peter) accepts all insurances

Dr. Renate Schöllnast Friedrich-Hebbel-Gasse 4 (St Leonard) private

Dr. Kokol Rosenberggasse 6c/0/1 (Geidorf) private

Dr. Müllegger Nibelungengasse 66 (St Leonhard) private


Dr. Monika Scarpatetti Schießstattgasse 6 (city center) accepts KFA, private

Kinderartz / Pediatrician / Kids

Dr. Bernhard Heinzl Rechbauerstraße 6 (St Leonhard) accepts all insurances

Dr. Wolfgang, Leonhardplatz 3, (St Leonhard) accepts all insurances

Dr Zotter, St. Peter Hauptstraße 29B. (St Peter) accepts all insurances

Psychology / Psychiatry

Dr. Gesine Schmücker-Schüßler Schillerstrasse 24 (St Leonhard) private

Dr. Susanne Haas-Hasiba Jakominiplatz 1 (city center)

Dr. Susanne Hattinger Janneckweg 9 (Waltendorf) private

Dr. Gerhard Wieselmann
Facharzt fur psychiatrie und Neurologie Privatklinik der Kreuzschwestern
Kreuzgasse 35 (Geidorf) private

Psychosoziales Zentrum have good therapists

Zahnartz / Dentists

Dr.Bernd Matschy Murgasse 4/1 (city center) accepts all insurances

Dr. Georg Bertha Schönaugasse 76 (Jakomini) accepts all insurances

Dr. Mark Ebersbach Theodor-Körner-Straße 31/3 (Geidorf) accepts all insurances

DDr. Ferra Kaiserfeldgasse 13 (city center) accepts all insurances

Dr. Eva Gomsi St. Peter Hauptstrasse 35c (St Peter) accepts all insurances

Dr. Martin Ladentrog Langegasse 30 (Geidorf) private

Dr. Sabine Wenger (for children) Brandhofgasse 24/1 (St. Leonhard) private

Augenartz / Eye doctors

Dr. Corinna Rathei Jakoministraße 3-5 (city center) accepts BVA, SVA, KFA

Dr. Renate Hanselmayer Burgring 6 (City center) accepts all insurances

Dr. Martin Eckhardt Plüddemanngasse 104/I (Waltendorf) accepts all insurances

Dr. Werner Hesse Schlögelgasse 3 (city center) accepts all insurances

Massage Therapists

Patrick Hödl – the body balance Fachinstitut für Massage und Gesundheit
Heinrichstraße 23 (Geidorf) accepts all insurances


Dr Herta Hiebaum Reichsstraße 124 (Andritz)

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