ÖIF – supporting integration in Austria

The ÖIF – Österreichischer Integrationsfonds (Austrian Integration Fund) works to support migrants in Austria with learning German, intergrating into Austrian life and finding jobs. They organise workshops and seminars for example for women, about immigration rights, intercultural communication etc. You can also schedule an apppointment for a free consultation to help learn about language courses, educational […]

How to be self-employed in Austria

Being self-employed here means a lot of extra hoops to jump through compared to countries like England and the US. It can be pretty complicated to set up your own business, register for the right trade license, deal with insurances and taxes etc. Here are some links where you can find lots of useful information […]

ZAM – job training for women

ZAM is an organisation funded by AMS and Steiermark to help women find employment. They offer advice, workshops, job training and apprenticeships. They work with women from all backgrounds – looking to enter the job market for the first time, re-entering after a career break, or for those looking to retrain and change careers. They […]

Zebra – advice & support for foreigners

Zebra – Intercultural Counseling and Therapy Center is a great organisation who offer support and advice for foreigners in Graz . They work to enforce human rights, fight racist, enforce equal treatment and promote lasting integration. The founding members of Zebra came from human rights work, especially from Amnesty International. They offer legal advice on […]

Brexit update – Article 50 card

From January 1st 2021 until December 31, 2021, all Brits living in Austria will need to apply for the Article 50 card to exercise their right to remain and work in Austria under the withdrawal aggreement. Graz is already taking appointments, but as you have a whole year to apply there is no rush! Documentation: […]

Mein Tag – ‘Information & support cafe’

Mein Tag is a wonderful new initiative in St Leonhard (opposite the Herz-Jesu church) offering holistic support for the body, mind and soul. Relax in their cozy cafe with a coffee while reading their extensive stack of german magazines and books on themes such wellness, happiness and meditation. You will also receive a warm welcome […]

The lending library of things!

The Graz city library now does more then just lend books. Starting March 16th you can borrow over 50 items of ‘things’ including tools, instruments, hobbies, household and kitchen items! You can use your Graz library card to check them out for two weeks. You will find them in glass lockers at the Media Library […]