Day trip – Kesselfallklamm

Kesselfallklamm, family friendly 
hike Graz

Kesselfallklamm (30 mins from Graz) is the smaller sister to the Bärenschützklamm, making it great for younger kids. It’s a beautiful shaded canyon where you climb up steps and criss cross over the canyon river and waterfalls using 52 bridges and ladders (my kids counted them all!). You then circle back down on a path through the woods. It’s 2.7 km and can take between 1 to 2 hours depending on how small the legs are. There is also a good Gasthaus (restaurant) at the beginning with a playground and goats. Very useful for bribing the kids with ice cream afterwards!

It’s also reachable by the 140 bus from the Graz train station to Semriach Wegmacherhaus and then 1.2 km walk to the gorge entrance. More public transport info here for the Semriach region and a useful brochure including longer hikes.

bridge over river canyon. Kesselfallklamm, family friendly 
hike Graz

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