Ludovico Board Game Library

Austrians love board games and the more complicated the better! (or so it seems with my Austrian family). There is even a special library in Graz devoted to board games.

Ludovico at Karmeliterplatz 2 has over 3,800 board games plus 150 computer games both for adults and children. The full list is here. You can play games for free in the library or you can borrow them for €2 a game for 21 days (annual membership €8). With the ZweiUndMehr (Styrian Family card) you can borrow three games a year for free. They also offer professional advice and can help you find the right game. On the first Saturday of every month they have an open game night from 4 pm – midnight with both regulars and newbies welcome to try out new games and rediscover old classics.

Opening hours:

  • Montag: 15-19 Uhr (+ Videospiele)
  • Dienstag: 10-13 UND 15-19 Uhr
  • Mittwoch: 15-19 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 15-19 Uhr
  • Freitag: 15-19 Uhr (+ Videospiele)
  • Samstag: 10-14 Uhr

The Graz public libraries also have a good selection of board games & computer games to borrow for free with a library card. Read more in my public libraries post.

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