Repair cafes in Graz

Graz repariert, Graz repair cafes where to fix broken appliances

Repair cafes are a growing trend worldwide to try and reduce landfill waste and consumption of new items, especially for electronic goods. Volunteers get together and will attempt to fix your broken gadgets, mend your clothes, fix your bike etc. So think twice before throwing something away and see if it can be fixed instead.

Repair cafe Graz, fix broken appliances

Repair Cafe Graz holds regular events around Steiermark, you can also see them on their facebook page. They will repair most small easily transportable items (They also have a good FAQ page if you’re unsure what to bring).

Repair cafe Graz, where to repair broken appliances

REPAIR Incafé is an initiative by Jugend am Werk where people with disabilities are supported by specialist trainers to repair mechanical, electronic and digital equipment. Their cafe is the last Thursday of every month (except holidays) 10.00 – 16.00 Münzgrabenstraße 84 a, 8010.

Echo Repair cafes hold regular events at Jugendzentrum Echo, Leuzenhofgasse 4, 8020 Graz . They bring young people together with experienced professions to teach them to repair mechanical, household and electrical appliances, toys, game consoles and clothing.

The Odilien Shop will repair for a fee weaved baskets and wicker furniture.

Umwelt Graz is the official website page of the City of Graz and has lots of great information on sustainability. Look out for special events such as the GrazerUmweltZirkus. They also offer a useful (in German) leaflet about fixing appliances, the City of Graz’s subsidy for repairs, where to recycle and repair cafes.

The Repair Bonus is also a new subsidy program by the Ministry of Climate Protection to encourage people to repair defective electrical household items instead of throwing them away.  Individuals can receive a voucher for up to €200 towards 50% of the repair cost or €30 for a cost repair estimate at participating repair stores. For details on participating stores, eligible items for repair and how to apply for the voucher on their website or on my post here.

And you can read more of my personal tips on sustainable shopping in Graz plus where to take items that can not be reused for recycling.

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