Recycling & Trash in Graz

One of the more challenging tasks of living in another country is attempting to work out how to separate the trash. Every country seems to have it’s own system and Graz is no exception! Also if you live in a multi apartment house you will probably hear complaints from your neighbours if you’re not separating your trash into the correct bins.

Here is a very useful information sheet in English (you can find the PDF here and also in 19 other languages). You can also find lots more information here in English all about waste in Graz and costs.

As mentioned above non -recyclable items such as electronic appliances, CDs, VHS videos, computer cables, paint, hazardous waste etc need to be taken to the Sturzgasse Resource Park and dropped off in the appropriate zones. Or another option is to bring them to the ‘Giftmüllexpress‘ – a special bus that visits neighbourhoods around Graz on different dates to collect non-recyclable good and hazardous waste. You can see the schedule and what they will accept here (for example electronic items need to be under 50cm).

Large items or big quantities of waste can be taken to the Sturzgasse Resource Park 5 x a year per Graz resident for €5 up to 200 kg. You need to register first for a QR code which you use to enter and leave (they weigh your car). You can register on their website, using the Graz Abfall app or at one of the Service Centers (they can print out the QR code for you). The recycling, Reuse and dangerous waste zones at the Resource Park are free and don’t require a QR code.

The city of Graz has useful free German app “Graz Abfall” (in Google Play or Apple Store) with a detailed list of commonly thrown items and where to depose of them correctly. Plus garbage collection dates for your neighhourhood.

Batteries can be taken to any store that sells them new.

Cooking Oil can be taken to certain Spar supermarkets (you can pick up a collecting jar from participating stores). You can also pick up a free FETTY plastic collection container from the Resource Park and drop it back off there or at one of the Giftmüllexpress buses.

Expired medicine can be taken to pharmacies.

Leftover food can be dropped of at several locations around Graz organised by Food Sharing Graz (includes an English translation). There are even outdoor fridges at some locations.

Clothes / toys / furniture / books and other household items in good useable condition can be donated to Caritas. You can also pick up a ReUse box at various locations to fill with small donations. Another option for small donations is the Verschenkladen store Leonhardstraße 38. The ReUSe Zone at the Resource Park Sturzgasse will also take household items, textiles, small items of furniture etc that are in good reusable condition for free.

Garden waste (grass, leaves, cuttings etc) can be disposed of in special paper sacks ‘Grünschnittsäcken‘ which can be brought for €3.70 at service centers around Graz and Recycling centers. You can then put them out next to the bio waste bin.

Larger items of furniture plus other things can be offered for free on facebook groups such Share and Care Graz and Graz verschenkt!

And if you’re looking to replace your items, here are some places to buy second hand.

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