Christmas in Graz

Christmas in the center of Graz is a lovely time of year, the streets are decorated with lights, the festive shop windows and the smell of roasted chestnuts all make for a lovely atmosphere. And of course the famous Christmas markets! Christmas Markets The Christmas markets (also knows as Christkindlmärkte, Weihnachtsmärkte or Adventmärkte ) are officially […]

Living La Vida Graz blog

I would like to introduce my fellow Graz blogger Giulia, the author of Living La Vida Graz . (You may have already spotted several links on my blog to hers). Giulia has lots of great posts about Graz, especially for newcomers, for example her guide to the different neighbourhoods of Graz and choosing accommodation. Lots […]

My favourite cafes in Vienna and other tips

Vienna is famous for it’s Viennese coffee houses where you can order a coffee and sit for hours. You have probably heard of the famous ones (Cafe Central , Cafe Sperl , Cafe Museum, Cafe Landtmann for example) but here are some of my favourite ones which are often much quieter, have friendly service and […]