Repair bonus

The Ministry of Climate Protection has just launched an Austrian-wide Repair Bonus subsidy program to encourage people to repair household electrical items instead of throwing them away. Individuals can now claim up to €200 towards 50% of the repair cost or €30 for a cost repair estimate. This can include big items like washing machines or dishwashers to smartphones, toasters, plus musical instruments (e.g. e-piano) garden items (e.g. lawnmowers) or e-bikes, the full list of eligible items can be seen here.

To use the repair bonus, visit their website and click on the red “Reparaturbon erstellen”. After filling out your data you will be emailed a voucher with a QR code (there is also an option to print it out). You then have up to 3 weeks to redeem your voucher at a participating repair store (there is a search function where you can find a store near you). An example repair – the cost is €300, your voucher will cover 50% so €150 (the limit is €200 including any cost estimates). One voucher can be used for one repair and/or one cost estimate. Once this voucher has been redeemed at the participating partner company, a new voucher can be applied for and used for another electrical appliance.

The website is full of useful FAQs (in German). For those familiar with the city of Graz’s repair subsidy program, this is now on hold while the nation-wide program exists.

Graz also has a good network of Repair Cafes where you can bring defective items to be fixed by volunteers (clothes, electronics, bikes etc). More info on my post here.

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