New to IloveGraz? Start with this post first

Welcome! This is a blog with my personal tips for living in Graz. You can also follow me on Facebook. There is a lot of information here. You can scroll down the list of posts on the homepage and read what catches your eye. Or to search for specific topics you can use the category list to the left or the search function.

If you are new to Graz, you may want to start with New to Graz page with information on registering your arrival, finding an apartment, English speaking doctors, schools, learning Germany and how to meet other people.

There’s lots of practical information on the Resources page for example how to use the transportation system, the mysteries explained for recycling & separating garbage, biking tips (including where it’s allowed and not), where to find English books and to use the library system. Plus how to get the important FSME tick vaccination.

If you love the outdoors, check out the Explore section for my favourite hikes outside Graz, open air swimming pools and thermal spas.

Under Shop you’ll find my favourite second hand stores, where to shop sustainably, best places to find gifts, and also good places for crafts & sewing materials

Under Eat are my favourite cafes and restaurants.

If you have kids look under Family, for family friendly hikes, drop off play centers, summer activities, and fun events. In the New to Graz page information on registration for schools and daycare. I also post in Events whenever there are English information sessions explaining all about pregnancy & birth, plus the school & kindergarten system in Graz.

Interviews are with my fellow expat friends in Graz sharing their experiences of living here, along with their personal tips and recommendations.

One thought on “New to IloveGraz? Start with this post first

  1. What a nice blog, there are quite some interesting blog articles. As Styrian myself (Weiz) in find teh descriptions of us funny and interesting. The interviews are a special Gem, for example the part about comparing Canadians to Austrians 🙂 Keep it up 🙂


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