CoSA – Center of Science Activities in Graz

There is a new science museum in Graz (developed by the Natural History Museum and FRida & freD Museum). At CoSA, there are 13 spaces where you can experience technical and scientific marvels and phenomena in an easy-going atmosphere. Look forward to a variety of interactive games and entertaining topics. Here at CoSA, the rule is […]

Cake decoration supplies Graz

My kids birthday cake requests are getting more elaborate with each year. (This year’s themes were Football and Nifflers from Fantastical Beasts!). This has led me to search around Graz for cake decorating supplies. You will find some of the basics at the regular supermarkets (Interspar, Eurospar and Merkur have the best supplies) but they […]

Second hand ski equipment

The snow season is almost upon us again, so time to dust off the skis. Skiing is an expensive sport so one way to keep the prices down is to buy second hand. The charity Carla store in Andritz usually has a good selection of skis, boots and helmets. (I also get all our ski […]