Public Transportation

Graz has a good reliable transportation system. Below are some of the ways to get around by bus, tram, train and car sharing.

Buses / Trams

There are 6 tram lines, 24 bus lines and 8 weekend night buses that run throughout the city of Graz – zone 101. A map can be found here or picked up at the Tourist Office or the Mobil office at Jakominiplatz. There is a useful trip planner and can also be used as app on your phone (BusBahnBim).

You can find information on all the different types of tickets & prices (1 hour, 1 day, weekly, annual passes etc) here. If you are resident in Graz you are eligible for a subsided annual pass for € 281. Also if you are travelling with children and have a Styrian ZweiUndMehr card (family pass) you are eligible to travel with a 38% discount (1 hr or 24 hr ticket) and your kids go for free (only when you all travelling together). During summer holidays children can travel for free up to age 15. Also you can go up the Schlossberg funicular for free with a valid bus/tram ticket.

In the inner city center, the tram is free between Jakominiplatz and Hauptplatz plus an additional stop in both directions, e.g. to the Schlossbergplatz or to the Kunsthaus. Just look out for the Altstadt Bim stickers at the tram stops.

I like to buy strips of 10 tickets (available from most Tabak/ Trafiks) so I always have a ticket handy. Remember to validate them, as ticket inspectors are quick to fine here! You can also purchase tickets on the bus with cash, ticket machines on trams (cash and cards) and on the BusBahnBim app on your phone. Occasionally there are special days when travel is free or a 1 hour ticket is valid for the whole day so keep a eye out on the Graz transportation website for info.

For trips outside of Graz there are regional Postbuses (look for the three digit numbers – city buses only have 2, X refers to an express bus). The price of your ticket will depend on which zone you are travelling too.  

On weekends and public holidays you can travel the whole of Styria for only €11 with a leisure ticket.


The S-Bahn is the local train (useful for getting to the airport – also zone 101 so included with a 1hr ticket).

OBB is the Austrian national train company and also runs trains into neighbouring countries. They have a good English website. If you book ahead of time you can get a cheap ‘ Sparschiene‘ ticket (only valid for the train / date booked on). Another option if you travel regularly by train is to buy a Vorteilscard  (discount card). There are several options for regular travelers, senior citizens, families etc. Trains are usually very punctual, and have special zones on the intercity & railjet routes, with a kids play area, special seats for breastfeeding (curtained off for privacy), ladies only seats and quiet areas for working.

FlixBus is a private bus company connecting Graz to cities all over Europe and they often have cheap fares. There are hourly buses to Vienna and several a day direct to Vienna Airport.

You can also read my posts about Car Sharing and biking in Graz.

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