Regional and Nationwide public transport ticket

The Austrian KlimaTicket has been many years in the making! For € 1,095 you can now travel for a year on all regional and local transport throughout Austria – so for €3 day! € 821 youths & seniors and for a € 110 supplement up to 4 kids 6 – 15 yrs can also travel with the ticket holder. You can read more here in English on how to purchase the Klimaticket. CNN also has really interesting article in English.

Starting from January 1st 2022, Steiermark will also be offering a regional ticket for €588 for a non-transferable card and €688 for transferable card(can be shared with others). This will include all regional buses, trains and local transportation throughout Styria and also the Schloßbergbahn in Graz (the Schöckl cable car and the Schloßberg lift are not included). Families can use the free Zwei und Mehr Styrian Family Pass to take kids 6 – 15 yrs for free.

if you have a Graz Jahreskarte, you can exchange it for the Klimaticket and get the unused months on your Jahreskarte paid back. Same for the Klimaticket Steiermark. For Graz residents, the city will most likely subsidize €108 for the Klimaticket Steiermark so € 480 instead of €588.

More details about public transportation in Steiermark in my post here.

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