TIM Car Sharing

Tim car sharing, electric cars Graz

If you don’t have a car in Graz, TIM is a great car sharing service. Here are all the good reasons to use them. (I have also heard positive reviews from friends).

Affordable – there is a €15 registration fee and €7 a month fee for a membership card. If you have a half year bus /tram transport card (Halbjahres) the registration fee is waived and for the full year Jahreskarte the monthly fee is also waived. Rental rates start at €4 an hour for the first two hours. Petrol is included.

Tim car sharing price list

Free Parking! – when renting an e-auto/electric car there is no charge for parking in green zones all day and blue zones ( up to 3 hours).

Convenient – Tim cars can be found in several central locations around Graz, all accessible by public transportation or bike. For example Hasnerplatz, Jakominigürtel / Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße, Eggenberg in Janzgasse / corner Eggenberger Allee, Schillerplatz, Geidorf, and Lendplatz,

Cars – TIM has a selection of VW electric and Skoda conventional cars, plus a Peugeot van (only at Andreas-Hofer-Platz).

Car seats – some cars already have them installed (4 – 12 yrs / 15 – 36 kg), otherwise you can call the service center and borrow them for free.

To learn more or register you can visit the TIM service center at
Steyrergasse 116, 8010 Graz ( Monday – Friday 8:00 – 18.00)

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