hairdresser, english speaking hairdresser in graz

It can be challenging to explain to a hairdresser what you are looking for, then trying to do it in a foreign language only makes it harder! Here are two of my favourite hairdressers in Graz who speak good english.

Bamboo Hair and Spa is run by a lovely American Darci and her Austrian husband. They can both speak excellent English. Plus they use Aveda hair products which are hard to find in Austria. My favourite moment is the head massage before your hair cut with one of Aveda’s scented oils. A hair cut starts around €61.

Die Haarscheiderei is a more hipster salon by Lendplatz but welcoming to everyone. Denise and Sarah both speak English. Also you pay by the service you want. So a haircut is €27 – 33, and then you pay a few euros extra for a wash and also for a blowdry, or you can blow dry yourself for free. I like to let my hair dry naturally so this a great affordable option for me!

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