3 great apps for sustainable living in Graz

Here are three new apps, all designed to help reduce waste in Graz. They require some knowledge of German and some basic setting up, but I found them all easy to use.

Too Good To Go offers a great opportunity to buy left over food from restaurants and cafes around Graz for a fraction of the normal price. You buy a ‘magic bag’ through the app and pick it up at a specific time. You will get a general description of what you are buying, for example ‘sweets, cakes, croissants’, ‘vegetables’ or ‘main course’ but otherwise it will be a surprise what is actually inside. This is a great way to reduce food waste and some of my favourite places are taking part – Decagram, Frankowitsch, Anna’s Cafe, Kunsthaus Cafe, Freiblick Tagescafe. But be quick, there are only a few bags each day and they go fast!

Nachhaltig in Graz now have an app! Their map shows all the free book shelves around Graz, also food sharing drop offs, Carla stores, Graz urban gardens and lots more. Plus news and a calendar of upcoming events.

The Graz Abfall app is a helpful tool for figuring out which days your garbage is being picked up. Plus a very useful ABC list (in German) of what goes in which bin (I’m forever looking at things thinking does this belong in metal, paper or the yellow bin…). I also have a whole post written about garbage and what goes where in English if you are still confused!

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