It can be challenging to explain to a hairdresser what you are looking for, then trying to do it in a foreign language only makes it harder! Here are two of my favourite hairdressers in Graz who speak good english. Bamboo Hair and Spa is run by a lovely American Darci and her Austrian husband. […]


I love reading! In addition to visiting Graz’s public libraries, I often stop at one of the many ‘little free library’ shelves dotted around Graz. You have probably already seen a few but here is a map showing them all (almost 80!). It’s a world wide movement encouraging people to share their books. You’ll find […]

Ludovico Board Game Library

Austrians love board games and the more complicated the better! (or so it seems with my Austrian family). There is even a special library in Graz devoted to board games. Ludovico at Karmeliterplatz 2 has over 3,800 board games plus 150 computer games both for adults and children. The full list is here. You can […]


Some of my favourite cafes (FYI some get fully booked on weekend mornings for brunch). Rosenhain Cafe is on top of a hill near Geidorf with amazing view over Graz. Well worth the 10 min walk up through the Rosenhain woods. On a sunny day it’s a great place to relax in one of their […]