How to access your ELGA healthcare records

What is ELGA?

ELGA – “elektronische Gesundheitsakte” (electronic health records) is a secure on-line system which holds all your medical records in one place . Once logged in, you can view your prescriptions, vaccinations, examination findings, laboratory and radiological results etc. Doctors, hospitals, healthcare professionals and pharmacies can also access your health records using your e-card. This is a new system so only the data from the last year or so will be visible but going forward all your data will be saved here.

How to access your ELGA records?

  1. First you will need a Handy Signature or a Burger / Citizen card. You can apply on-line but it’s rather complicated so the best option is to visit an A1 shop, post office or one of the City of Graz’s Servicestellen with your phone (doesn’t need to be a smartphone, just need to be able to receive SMS messages) and passport or driving license. They will set you up and register you with a password of your choice.

2. Visit the EGLA portal at and click on the top right ELGA icon (the second green icon is your Grüner Pass).

3. Click on the red Handy-Signatur icon and it will ask you to enter your phone number and handy signature password. (It will ask if you want to use an app for the handy signature, easier to say no). Then enter the TAN from your phone and you’ll see your records.

4. You can also view your dependents records – children, partner etc but only if they are directly insured by you (a partner who is co-insured cannot view their children’s records).

Click on ‘in Vetretung einloggen’ first, and then the red Handy icon.

Then choose ‘Vetretungsmodul’ and you will see all your insured dependants.

Relatives can also give power of attorney to you to view their records (useful for keeping track of medication etc for elderly relatives without computer access for example).

Inside your ELGA records


Here you can view your lab results, doctor findings, treatments etc. This makes it easier for all your doctors to see your medical history. You can also download and print a PDF copy for any record.


Here you can view your recent vaccinations. Useful for planning your next FSME one!


Here you will see all your medications pre­scribed by a doc­tor for a period of one year. eMed­ica­tion also warns patients and pharmacies of any inter­ac­tion effects with med­ica­tion they already take and newly pre­scribed or over-the-counter med­ica­tion.

Particpation is voluntary!

You might be worried about medical professionals across the board seeing all your medical information. So it’s good to know par­tic­i­pa­tion in ELGA is vol­un­tary.  You have the right to opt out altogether, or have only certain records not saved – for example treatment for drug problems, abortion, HIV tests, depression etc. The only record that can’t be deleted is the COVID vaccine.

You should inform your doctor before the treatment if you not want the results added. You can also hide individual records in your e-Befunde at anytime so they will longer be visible to your healthcare service providers. Please note, however, that hidden records will then not be taken into account for diagnosis and treatment, which can also pose a risk.  

Have questions?

Visit the ELGA website which has lots of useful explanation videos (in German) and there is a basic English information page too. You can also call the service-line and speak to them in English – 050 124 4411 Mon – Fri 7 am – 7 pm.

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