TIM Car Sharing

If you don’t have a car in Graz, TIM is a great car sharing service. Here are all the good reasons to use them. (I have also heard positive reviews from friends). Affordable – there is a €15 registration fee and €7 a month fee for a membership card. If you have a half year […]

Recycling & Trash in Graz

One of the more challenging tasks of living in another country is attempting to work out how to separate the trash. Every country seems to have it’s own system and Graz is no exception! Also if you live in a multi apartment house you will probably hear complaints from your neighbours if you’re not separating […]

Biking in Graz

Graz is a bike friendly city. There are bike paths everywhere and it’s a great way to get around. Here are a few tips. Bike maps can be obtained for free at the Graz tourist office on Herrengasse or the MobilZentral at Jakominiplatz. These are excellent for figuring out the best bike friendly routes around […]

Sustainability in Graz

Here are some of my favourite resources and places to shop for sustainable living in Graz. Nachhaltig in Graz is a great source of information (mostly in German but you can use a web translator). They have lists of events, recommendations on where to shop & eat, and a huge number of tips on sustainability […]


I love reading! In addition to visiting Graz’s public libraries, I often stop at one of the many ‘little free library’ shelves dotted around Graz. You have probably already seen a few but here is a map showing them all (almost 80!). It’s a world wide movement encouraging people to share their books. You’ll find […]