Unique independent shops in Graz

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Graz has some wonderful small independent shops. Here are some interesting ones you may not yet have come across that have been in Graz for over 40 to 250 years! Run by experts in their field, you will receive good advice and products & services not available in the bigger chains. Plus many have a sustainable approach by not only selling goods, but also repairing and sourcing spare parts to keep them functioning.

Delikatessen Nussbaumer – Paradeisgasse 1, founded in 1903 and under new ownership, they offer a wide range of cheeses and specialty delicatessen products from over 10 countries. They speak several different languages so you should have no problem ordering here.

Schuhmacherwerkstätte Pucher – Franziskanergasse 3, a Graz favourite to have shoes repaired, she also mends bags, belts, leather goods and umbrellas for a very reasonable price.

Hirt-Knöpfe – Kaiser Franz Josef Kai 34, is a 75 yr old store and a paradise for button lovers. They also make their own buttons from traditional materials, Plus lots items for knitting and sewing.

Leder Schuster – Smiedgasse 19, founded in 1898, Hermann Heinz makes leather shoes and belts and is my favourite place to buy traditional wool slippers (Hausschuhe). Plus a good range of buckles, snap fasteners, hooks, laces, etc.

Werner’s Elektroladen – Franziskanerplatz 13, has been repairing and selling small electrical appliances for 20 years. He also has a useful selection of hardware – great for when you need to find a screw in the center of Graz.

Küchenfee – Franziskanerplatz 11, founded in 1835 as Kerschbaumer, and now under new ownership has an amazing range of dishes, cooking and household items tucked in their small store.

Scala – Murgasse 1, founded in 1870 and in it’s current location since 1942, offer a big selection of knives (cooking, hobby etc). They were very helpful with advice for my son in choosing his first penknife.

Rauch – Grazbachgasse 5, founded in 1952 they offer a huge selection of household & kitchen items, including harder to find items, plus they offer a repair and spare parts service,

Karl-Marx -Mandellstraße 40, has been mending shoes for 40 years and can fix just about anything.

Zipp fritz – Brockmanngasse 65/Ecke Klosterwiesgasse, founded in 1973, Birgit Fritz repairs broken zippers and have rescued many ski jackets, coats, bags and rucksacks! Plus she has a good range of zippers to buy.

Hirschmann-Haushaltsgeräte – Prankergasse 75, founded in 1969 can repair smaller household electrical items in their workshop or for bigger repairs (washing machines etc) they can send a technician to your house. They are also part of the Graz repair network where the city of Graz will cover 50% of the repair cost up to a max of €100 (once time a year, per household)!

Samen Köllener – Südtiroler Platz, founded in 1773 by monks and with seeds from their monastery gardens, this delightful store is under new ownership, inside you will find over 150 drawers of seeds (including organic & heirlooms) plus gardening supplies and gifts.

Bürsten und Korbwaren –  Rösselmühlgasse 4, founded in 1852 as the biggest brush maker in Europe, this shop still has a huge selection of wooden brushes for hair & teeth and household & cleaning, plus baskets, wooden spoons of all types, chopping boards etc.

Eckhard’s Confiserie – Annenstraße 25 & Sporgasse 1,  offers pretty homemade chocolates, more than 200 spices and other high-quality regional products.

Echt Graz and Unser Graz are also two good websites with lots of good tips for local shopping and discovering new places.

3 thoughts on “Unique independent shops in Graz

  1. Perhaps we could add the shop where I work to the list : “Eckhard’s Confiserie”, Annenstraße 25, we have homemade chocolates, more than 200 spices and many high-quality regional products
    We also have a shop in Sporgasse 1, right in the middle of the city center.
    Best regards, Heidi Blümel / IWA member


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