Caritas Lerncafes – homework support

Caritas offers free learning support for children and young people 6 – 15 yr with migrant third country backgrounds at their Lerncafes in Gries, Lend, Don Bosco and Eggenberg. Staff and volunteers help with school homework, German language skills, preparation for tests and exams. Healthy snacks and afternoon activities are also offered.  Plus a great integration opportunity for children from different countries, religious beliefs and backgrounds to learn and play together. They also focus on strengthening the children’s social skills, giving them a healthy self-confidence & good self-esteem and strengthening their sense of community. You can read more in English here.

In the summer they also offer GRAgustl – a free 3 week summer camp in August for kids 7 – 15 yrs with third country migrant background or from low-income famlies. There is a strong focus on German learning, maths and other general knowledge as well as lots of fun activities and a sports program.

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