24hr Automats for milk, homemade food, local produce etc

More and more 24 hr vending machines are popping up all over Graz to cater for after-hours shopping. They often offer freshly made food, milk, eggs, meat and produce from local farms and vendors. Many are on the outskirts of Graz or in shopping centers such as Centerwest – you can see a list here on Nachhaltig-in-Graz or here at Graz.net

Those in the city center may be interested to hear Mosshammer Fleischerei on Zinzendorfgasse 12 (near the KF uni) recently opened a 24 hr automat next to their shop offering a range of sausages, meat, jarred soups, ready made meals such as lasagna and lots more!

And for desert, next door is an automat by Konditorei Handl offering a variety of fancy cake slices.

There are also two new 24 automats at Heinrichstraße 8 (Geidorfplatz) and Leonhardstraße 89 (St Leonhard) offering a range of homecooked food from steirabox (jarred soups, sausages, knodels etc), as well as drinks, general groceries and useful things like babyfood and wipes.

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