Frauenservice – supporting women in Graz

The Frauenservice is a wonderful organisation on Lendplatz offering free support and advice for women living in Graz. They are very friendly and can speak many languages. They offer regular seminars, workshops, art projects and social gathering and much more!

Part of their important work is providing a free confidential and anonymous counseling service for issues such relationship problems & partnership conflicts, divorce & separation, custody, contact rights, family problems, loneliness, fears, excessive demands & overload, financial hardships, violence, sexuality, family planning, mental health, crisis periods in life, personal orientation and development issues and professional development.

For example if you are going through a divorce they can counsel you on your rights, or if you are in an abusive relationship (physically or mentally) they can also assist. Or maybe you are suffering from depression or mental health issues and need some support. They can also help if you are experiencing financial difficulties and can explain the Austrian benefits system and get you in contact with the relevant authorities. Or if you are having a negative experience with the authorities, they can intervene on your behalf.

The Frauenservice also have a great migration and integration program including:

  • German conversation groups on Tuesday 1pm – 2.30 pm and Thursdays 9 am – 11 am (no classes in the school holidays). No registration is needed.
  • Monthly Intercultural Women’s Breakfast where Austrian and international women meet up for brunch at the Frauenservice – a really friendly social gathering!
  • Lerncafe – useful seminars on topics relating to immigration and integration in easy to understand German such as women’s rights, employment, finances etc.
  • Cafe Bella – support in preparing your resume / CV and applying for jobs on-line, Wednesdays 1 pm – 5pm
  • Easy to understand (German A2) information cards for 100 different professions (skills, qualifications, salary etc).
  • FemmesTisch discussion groups where international women come together in small groups to discuss a topic such as health, relationships or technology in either English, Persian, or other languages (depending on the moderators for that year).

Plus they have so many other fun things – for example their ‘FrauenStadtSpaziergänge‘ – City Walks for Women around Graz. Great for practicing your German listening skills and also learning about the history of Graz through women’s perspectives.

You can follow the Frauenservice on Facebook to see all their up-coming events.

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