Charging boxes for your phone while shopping

If you ever find yourself shopping in Graz and your phone is about to run out of battery, there are several places where you can leave your phone safety to charge while you continue with your errands.

Giga Sport (behind Kastner and Öhler) has three charging boxes on the top floor below their cafe, right next to the escalator. You can relax next to your phone, or lock it in the box and came back for it later.

The new dm store on Murgasse also has three lockable charging boxes on the 1st floor next to the hairdresser. (You’ll see them to the left at the top of the stairs).

You don’t even need a cable – both the boxes at Giga Sport and dm have cables inside for iphones and andriods. Just don’t forget to come back and pick up your phone before the shop closes!

If you happen to be in the Center West shopping Center, Conrad Megastore (by their service desk on the ground floor) also has 4 lockable boxes for charging a phone. City Park have 8 charging points for phones and 2 for laptops / tablets by their customer service desk. You can also borrow a powerbank to charge your phone while walking around (€30 deposit).

Close to the Stadtpark, in the Univertel is a solar bench with several USB charging points for your phone. It’s right in front of the Leechkirche (church) on Zinzendorfgasse 3.

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