Mein Tag – ‘Information & support cafe’

Mein Tag is a wonderful new initiative in St Leonhard (opposite the Herz-Jesu church) offering holistic support for the body, mind and soul. Relax in their cozy cafe with a coffee while reading their extensive stack of german magazines and books on themes such wellness, happiness and meditation.

You will also receive a warm welcome from Sigrid Querch and her team (Sigrid is a Clinical health and occupational psychologist who specialises in positive psychology & happiness research). They can offer support & consultations to connect you with therapists and other wellness providers. Therapists work in special treatment rooms in the cafe and at least two can speak good English – Verena Radlingmayr and Isabella “Dancingheart”. (Sigrid can understand English but is more comfortable talking in German).

There is also a community room where regular events happen each week. There are evening talks on Tuesday (€12- 15) and info evenings on Thursday (free).

You can also follow Mein Tag on facebook to see what’s coming up.

For more tips and updates on life in Graz, follow ‘IlovemyGraz‘ on facebook

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