English Improv Theater in Graz

Game of Death’ is a really fun monthly improvisation show at the small Theater am Banhof. The talented Canadian Jacob Banigan asks the audience questions and based on their answers he performs a series of hillarious short scenes with of course at some point a sudden death. Plus it’s all in English!

Taking inspiration from the audience and a deck of fortune-telling cards, Jacob Banigan evokes exotic settings, embodies diverse characters and hurtles through intriguing stories. But he is not totally in control; there are twists he cannot predict, elements are controlled by the audience, and the Egg Timer Of Death is always ticking…

It’s a good night out and people come back regularly so the shows often sell out well in advance.

And if you love acting or improv, The Pennyless Players amateur English speaking theater company in Graz have regular improv workshops and stage productions.

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