Kalvarienberg (Calvary hill) Graz

The Kalvarienberg is a wonderfully quirky little hill alongside the river Mür in Lend. Perfect for a visit while strolling along the river bank path. Built in the 17th century and modeled on the Golgotha in Jerusalem, it has been a religious pilgrimage destination for several hundred years and connects with the Mariatrost Basilica. (Originally there were 14 stations of the Cross but they no longer exist). There are several paths winding their way up past tiny chapels (it only takes a few minutes to climb to the top – it’s a very small hill!). At the summit are three crosses; Jesus, flanked by two criminals. At the bottom is the baroque Kalvarienberg church which has lovely paintings inside and unusually part of the rocky hill side features as the back wall behind the altar.

Geologically the hill (known as Austein) is made of green slate rock. However Graz legend has it that the devil once threw a huge boulder at Graz because he had been tricked by the citizens. The boulder then shattered into two and created the Schlossberg and the Kalvarienberg.

It’s a fun place with children as they explore the different paths, and spot the jumbo jet planes on top of a distant building! Plus there is a friendly resident cat looking for cuddles.

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