Shopping locally for gifts in Graz

gift box wrapped in pink ribbon. Where to buy gifts and presents in Graz.

Here are some suggestions for local gifts from Graz.

Austrian themed

These are good places to find local Styrian gifts to impress friends & family abroad.

Styrian Food

Pumpkin seed oil / Kürbisöl is a great gift to give as it’s not well known outside of Austria. (Tell your friends to use it in vegetable soups, potato salads, green salads etc). You can find bottles in every supermarket in different sizes, including 100 ml to carry in hand luggage.

Zotter Chocolates are locally made and come in a wide range of traditional and exotic flavours with fun designed wrappers. They are sold in shops around Graz, such as Spar or Linzbichler (Franziskanerplatz. 16) where you will also find the prettily wrapped Grazer Schlossbergkugeln (truffel filled chocolate balls).

The locally made famous gingerbread from Mariazell ‘Lebkuchen‘ and other Styrian sweets can be found at Süßer Steirer, Sackstraße 4 (also has Zötter chocolate)

The original decadent Sachertorte cakes can be brought at Cafe Sacher (Herrengasse 6).

There are some very good Styrian wines which can be found at farmers markets or wine stores such Wien & Co (Joanneumring 13), Weinhandel Kohlbacher (Leonhardstraße 3) or even Spar and Billa supermarkets.

Hofbäckerei Edegger-Tax (Hofgasse 6) is one of the oldest bakeries in Graz. They have nicely presented bags of Austrian traditional cookies.

Schnapps locally made from delicious fruits can be found at the farmers markets or at the gourmet wine & food stores Vom Fass (Glockenspielplatz 7) and Frankowitsch (Stempfergasse 2) along with speciality Austrian pesto and spreads.

The Stadtbauernladen inside the Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark and Genuss ab Hof,Schlossberg 2 (just off karmeliterplatz) both have a nice range of products from local farmers.

Souvenirs / Austrian hand made

‘s Fachl Graz (Herrengasse 13). In a hidden away courtyard, selling crafts made by local artists and gourmet food items from nearby farms including Kurbis oil.

Graz Tourist Information (Herrengasse 16) has a useful shop selling Graz souvenir items like tote bags, mouse pads, mugs etc.


These are two of my favourite shops for buying colourful jewellery, weaved baskets, decorative bowls, scarves and other small gifts. They also have Zotter chocolate. Affordably priced and ethically sourced.

Chic Ethic (Tummelpl. 9)

Weltladen (Reitschulgasse 14)

General gifts

Kunsthaus Museum shop ( Lendkai 1) has a good selection of modern art books and stylishly designed gifts and toys.

Samen Köllner (Südtiroler Pl. 1) opposite the Kunsthaus is lovely small shop specialising in beautiful garden tools, seeds and lots of gardening themed gifts.

Orange and Green (Färbergasse 3) is a gift shop filled with all sorts of quirky and amusing gadgets, whimsical household items and lots more.

Kwirl, HERZLich Laden Jugend am Werk, Tagwerk, and Managerie kiosk are just a few of the cool shops around Mariahilferplatz supporting local artists and young people.

Kiwis Meit Bar and Concept Store (Feuerbachgasse 9 ) looks like a tiny cafe from the outside but downstairs is a big design store with lots of local artisan products.

Bohemian Soul Beehive Store (Rösselmühlgasse 22) offers local artist artwork, jewellery and home decoration items, plus a good local gin selection.

Tausendschön (Stubenberggasse 9) has two shops offering cute baby and kids items and general gifts and decorative household items.

büchersegler (Mariahilferplatz 5) is a nice small bookshop with lots of good gift items, including a big range of Djeco games and craft kits for kids.

Home & lifestyle

There are lifestyle ‘concept’ stores with carefully chosen design items laid out for the home. Useful for hipster friends, or people who like home decoration gifts.

Wie Wir Wohnen (Tummelpl. 1) and Tash Living (Hofgasse 7) both offer a carefully curated selection of gifts for the home and kids

Berlinchen (Paulustorg. 3) For those who love shabby chic or English style (think cabbage roses and Cath Kidston)

Lederleitner (Hilmteichstrasse 70) and Baumgartner (Paulustorgasse 8) are both stunning interior design stores with cafes. They have outdoor gardens selling plants and flowers which make pretty gifts. Plus year round they have beautiful fresh flowers.

Fabeltisch offer simple Portuguese ceramic dishes and bowls in pretty colours along with local pottery.


Karsten & Öhler ( Sackstraße 7-13) have a big toy department

Spielzeugschachtel (Schmiedgasse 16) is a small independent toy store with lovely traditional toys. A great place to visit if you are looking to avoid plastic.

Pilzessin ( Sporgasse 36 ) is a tiny store with beautiful gifts for younger kids. Also a useful place to avoid plastic.

Spielzeugwelt (Gleisdorfer G. 5 at Jakominiplatz ) has a good selection of toys plus second hand DVDS and computer games. They do a nice free gift wrapping service (with a lolly & balloon), plus they are open at 9 am if you are looking for a gift first thing!


One of our favorite gifts to give family members are vouchers for a spa day at the very relaxing Roger Bad Blumau thermal spa.

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