Cargo bikes in Graz

Cargo bikes are great for transporting heavier items, small children or doing the weekly shop. Graz is a very bike friendly city and it’s often easier to nip around with a bike, especially in the city center. If you are interested in owning a cargo bike, the City of Graz will subsidize up to half of the cost (up to €1,000) until 31/12/2020 (it’s possible this may be extended). You can contact your local bikeshop in Graz for more information, or read in german on the City of Graz’s website here .

Another option is to borrow a cargo bike for quick errands. There are quite a few cargo bikes around Graz available to borrow for free, or for a small fee (€5/ hour). Several are electric or come with kid seats. You can search for a cargo bike near you here.

TIM (the city of Graz’s car sharing service) also has a cargo bike at Schillerplatz for it’s members to borrow (free for the first 6 months).

ÖH Uni Graz also has a cargo bike for students to borrow for free.

You can also read more in my ‘biking in Graz‘ post about where to pick the free Graz bike path maps, where it’s legal and illegal to bike etc.

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