Unlimited Kiz Royal (english) cinema subscription

Kiz Royal is one of 18 art house cinemas around Austria taking part in the ‘Non Stop‘ cinema subscription program. For €24 per month (minimum 8 months), or for those under 26 yrs €22 per month (minimum 4 months) you can watch as many films as you wish at the following participating cinemas:

Kiz Royal is a great art house cinema in the center of Graz at Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Straße 10, 8010. They show all their movies in the original language which is great for those wanting to see English movies without German dubbing. You can see the language listed in their film schedule and next to it will be OV (without subtitles) or OmU (with German subtitles).

The Non-Stop cinema subscription is available to purchase on-line (can’t be purchased directly at the cinema). Not included in the subscriptions are films from Universal Pictures, Film festivals (e.g. Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film), special events, third-party events and concert broadcasts.

The Non-Stop website is in English and has a useful FAQ section.

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