Kids Summer Camps 2023

With 9 weeks of school holidays, summer kids programs are very popular! Below are some suggestions for Graz and also Styria at affordable prices, some are even free!

The city of Graz offers really affordable weekly sport courses(sommersportprogramm) for only €10! for 4 – 18 yrs with 55 different sports to choose from ( 2 hours each day) .Places are limited and go fast. To be eligible you must have your main residence in Graz (if there are places left over, people from outside of Graz can apply too). Registration starts Monday, May 22 on-lineBe sure to sign up for an account at before registration opens so your Graz residency can be confirmed (take about 3 days). You can choose up to 4 different weekly sports, or two sports for two weeks each (except for Fußball, Kajak, Parkour/Freerunning, Quidditch, Rettungsschwimmen, Schwimmen, Trampolinspringen, Wasserspringen und Wasserski which can only be booked for one week due to popularity).

The city of Graz also supports full day sports programs (Sommersportwoche mit Ganztagesbetreuung) for kids 6 – 16 yrs with ATG, KICKIT Augustinum, die Naturfreunde Graz und der Verein Union Sport Aktiv Graz for €150 a week. Registration opens April 24th with

In addition there is the Freizeithits program (offered by partner organisations at affordable prices) where kids can attend circus school, horse riding, art classes and so much more. Registration opens on May 22nd with

At the time of writing the city of Graz has not yet published their summer sports or Freizeit hits program so keep checking back, follow them on facebook or I will also share on IloveGraz facebook.

For those who live outside of Graz, also check with your local Gemeinde for summer activity programs.

Plattform Ferienbetreuung Steiermark offers a great overview of many summer camps and activities in the whole of Styria. Keep checking back to see which new ones have been added. They currently have 96 summer options, including overnight camps.

ASKÖ offers summer camps at the ASKÖ Stadium Graz-Eggenberg for kids 5 – 10 yrs, €135 for full day, €109 half day (both include lunch and swimming pool entry). Each week has a different theme such as pirates, wild west or disney. Some weeks are already booked up so book soon!

Mehrgenerationenhaus Waltendorf offers a fun summer program for kids 5 yrs + in their cosy space. €155 per week 7:30 – 14:30.

The Stadtbibliothek Graz Nord in Geidorf offers a free week morning summer programfor kids 5 – 9yrs from 24.07- 28.07 or 21.08 – 25.08 9:00 – 13:00, there are still spaces at time of writing but they will book up soon!

The Karl Franzens university offer a fun Kinder Uni full day summer program in the first 4 weeks of the school holidays for kids 8 -14 yrs, €80 per week. They do workshops in the morning and sports in the afternoon. Registration starts April 18th at 1 pm but you need to sign up for an account first. They have 4 different options to choose from each week, for example robotics, chess, museum visits, adventures in the woods or research – you can see the 2022 schedule here.

The TU university also offer a kinder uni summer camp with several different options. At time of writing the 2023 schedule has not been published but you can see the 2022 program here. They offer a girls only program 10 – 16 yrs with the options of coding, graphics, robotics, game development, make your own videos etc, €80 full day for the week. For all kids 10 – 18 they offer lots of of fun science and technology programs for €140 week, maker days for €20 and free AI and Maths courses.

Bits4kids offers coding weeks (robotics, gaming, animation etc) for €190 full day for kids 7 – 15 yrs at the WKO Talent Center, Körblergasse 111-113.

The museums in Graz also offer summer programs. Frida and Fred is already booked for theirs (€160 per week for full day for kids 7 – 12 yrs), but you might be able to be added to their waiting list. The Universalmuseum Joanneum offers a program for kids 7 – 11 yrs at Freilichtmuseum Stübing for €190 a week 9:00 – 15:00. The ones at Jagdmuseum und Landwirtschaftsmuseum Schloss Stainz  (€119 a week) are already booked but there is a waiting list option. Last year they also offered a program at the museums in Graz so keep an eye out.

If you have kids between 6 and 10 yrs who attend a Graz primary school (or are about to) who need to improve their German, the city of Graz together with Deutsch&Mehr are offering free summer German courses between 10 July and 25 August (bookable on a weekly basis for up to 7 weeks, morning or afternoon options). They also offer free English courses too.

ISOP also offer a free 5 week german summer school for school kids and teenagers along with fun activities, A1 – B1 German. 2023 dates have yet to be announced.

The Arbeiterkammer offers it’s members a summer refresher school in the last few weeks of the school holidays for kids who need to catch on core subjects such as German, Maths and English (they review the material from the kids last class). €50 for the whole week including food and fun activities. For kids from 3 & 4th class Volksschule, Mittelschule and unterstufe gymnasium. At time of writing 2023 dates have not yet been published.

Sports Union offers a summer sports program 17.7 -21.07 or 24.07 – 28.07 for kids 7 – 12 yrs €160 full day per week or €128 half day (with lunch) and the chance to try out different sports.

Kick IT Augustinum offers weekly full day sports programs for €200 for kids 6 – 14 yrs or sport combined with robotics for €239. For Graz residents, it’s only €150 as part of the sports program mentioned at the beginning of this post (registration April 24th).

ATG offers fun summer programs such as Aerial Silk aerobatics for kids 7 – 15ys €149 for members, €199 week for full day or ‘try out 10 sports in a week’ program for kids 6 – 12 yrs, €149 for members, €199 week. For Graz residents, it’s only €150 as part of the sports program mentioned at the beginning of this post (registration April 24th).

The Arbeiterkammer also offer it’s members subsidised summer camps for only €50 a week for parents who earn under €2,800 (for each additional child limit increases by 15%), some are overnight and some are local day camps. They book up fast! At time of writing 2023 dates have not yet been published.

The Alpenverein offer 50 summer adventure overnight camps in the mountains and other wilderness spots around Austria. Some are open for the whole family.

Low-income parents receiving family allowance can apply for 80% off a 5 day camp from the Styrian government , more info can be found at the Zwei und Mehr office at Karmeliterplatz 2, 8010.

Caritas also offers free summer kids program for kids 6 – 14 yrs in August for low-income migrant families, with educational activities in the mornings and sports in the afternoon. 2023 dates have not been announced.

The Fratz-Graz abenteuerspielplatz is an urban playground in Lend and offers free in drop supervised fun for kids from 6 yrs on weekday afternoons from 14:00 – 18:00. Activities are offered most afternoons. They have a day summer camp too for €155 a week but it’s already booked up, you might get be able to be put on the waiting list though.

For younger kids, the Spielmobile travels to parks all over Graz from May offering free fun activities between 3 pm and 6 pm.

For more tips and updates on life in Graz, and summer kids activities follow ‘IlovemyGraz‘ on facebook

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