Österreichischer Alpenverein – mountain club

The Österreichischer Alpenverein is Austria’s biggest alpen club specialising in mountain sports (hiking, mountaineering, climbing, ski touring, mountain biking and other sports). They look after mountain trails, rock climbing routes plus manage and maintain mountains huts where hikers can stay overnight. They also organise a full schedule of activities for kids and adults – including guided hikes, mountain climbing training, ski touring, avalanche courses, kayaking, snow shoe tours, kids camps and holiday centers. Plus they publish detailed maps with hiking and climbing routes.

There are so many great benefits (English version) of joining the Alpenverein!

Especially useful is their rescue insurance (english version). As your regular health insurance does not cover helicopter rescue should you have an accident hiking or skiing in the mountains. This alone makes the cost of membership worthwhile. Plus includes coverage for rescue and repatriation from abroad and medical expenses up to €10,000 plus European liability insurance.

You can read more in their English brochure all about the Alpenverein, their activities and membership benefits.

Or visit their shop in Graz at Sackstraße 16 (opposite Karsner and Ohler) for information, plus buy maps and guidebooks at a member discount and borrow hiking, ski touring and climbing equipment (Ice axes, crampons, harnesses, avalanche gear, snow shoes etc) for €10 or less for members. Plus you can visit the Alpenverein’s library at the  Alpenvereinshaus Schörgelgasse 28 for expert advice. Their consultants have many years of mountain experience and extensive local knowledge and manage around 2000 books, 1500 guides and 1000 maps covering mountains worldwide.

Membership prices 2022:

They also offer rescue insurance for dogs! In case of an emergency for you or your canine companion, they will brought down too.

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