‘Pick your own’ berry fields in Graz

The start of summer is often signaled by arrival of local strawberries in the farmer markets. For the freshest berries (and a fun family activity), the pick-your-own strawberry fields around Graz are very popular. They usually open from around middle / end of May. Opening times can depend on the weather and after busy days they may close for a day or two to allow the new berries to ripen, so it’s recommended to check their facebook pages before heading out or this page. The ideal harvest time is in the morning, preferably when it’s sunny and dry.

Towards the end of June blueberries and raspberries are ready to be picked at Heidelbeergarten (between Andritz and Gratkorn)

Below is a list of strawberry fields in and around Graz from Graz.net (they also have a useful map).

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