The lending library of things!

The Graz city library now does more then just lend books. Starting March 16th you can borrow over 50 items of ‘things’ including tools, instruments, hobbies, household and kitchen items! You can use your Graz library card to check them out for two weeks.

You will find them in glass lockers at the Media Library at Vorbeckgasse 12 (opposite the Zanklhof library). Items include a tool kit, drill, spirit level, boccia, poker, table tennis set, slack-line, cameras, sewing machine, tonie box, VR glasses, karaoke microphone, bongo drums, percussion makers, popcorn maker, induction hot plate and much more!

I will update this further once they are officially open!

Also keep in mind the Seddwell Center has a lending library for tools, sewing machine etc for their members to borrow. Plus they have a brand new electric cargo bike available for anyone to use!

You can learn more here how to join the Graz library (registration form in English), plus all the other great things they lend out (audio books, board games, computer games, magazines etc).

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