CoSA – Center of Science Activities in Graz

There is a new science museum in Graz (developed by the Natural History Museum and FRida & freD Museum).

At CoSA, there are 13 spaces where you can experience technical and scientific marvels and phenomena in an easy-going atmosphere. Look forward to a variety of interactive games and entertaining topics. Here at CoSA, the rule is “please touch” rather than “do not touch”!

Universalmuseum Joanneum/J.J. Kucek

It has been designed for kids 12 + to encourage them to learn about science through hands on exhibits. Such as technology, a medical lab, experiments, sustainability, DYI etc. These exhibits are included in the basic ticket price. With an extra ticket there are additional activities such as virtual reality adventures, science shows and an escape room (modelled on an old mine). Looks like a lot of fun! Some of the exhibits and virtual reality adventures are in English too.

Plus there is free admission for kids 10 – 18 yrs between 26.12.19 – 06.01.20. This includes free admission for the virtual reality adventures (12 yrs +) and science shows with timeslot reservations.

And if you are looking to visit regularly, there is a special offer of 30% off the normal price for the Joanneumskarte (yearly membership card for all the museums) until Dec 22nd!

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