Outdoor Swimming pools in Graz

On hot days Graz’s outdoor swimming pools can be great places to cool off. They are all unheated so the water remains refreshingly cool even on the warmest of days. (But they may also be on the cold side on cooler days or after a big rain storm).

There are also several great nature swimming pools and lakes not far from Graz that are fun to visit too if you wish to get out of the city. Plus the Motorikpark at Gamlitz has some nice warm swimming ponds.

Below are a few of the neighourhood pools around Graz.

Margaertenbad ( Grillparzerstraße 10, Geidorf)

Margaretenbad is the favourite swimming pool of the neighhourhood of Geidorf. It has a nice community feel with families, pensioners and students. It’s surrounded by pretty apartment building and has an ‘city’ feel. There is a 25 meter pool with kids slide, kids paddling pool, table tennis and sand volleyball court. Nice grass area to spread out a towel and there is a restaurant & bar with pizza. This is a very popular pool so can get crowded on warm days.

Ragnitzbad (Pesendorferweg 7, Ragnitz)

Ragnitzbad is a 40 meter long swimming pool as well as a children’s area. This has more of a being in nature feeling with lots of grass and trees. It’s now a privately run swimming pool (the rest are all run by the city of Graz).

Bad Strassgang (Strassgang)

Bad Strassgang is the only natural pool in Graz and has a pebble bottom. With 11,000 square metres of water surface, it is one of the largest pools in Graz and has nice views over the surrounding hills.

Auster Freibad ( Janzgasse 21, Eggenberg)

Auster has a big 8 line 50-metre pool, a 10-metre diving tower, beach volleyball court, plus children’s adventure pool with adventure slide and wide wave slide, trampolines. A great family option to keep the kids entertained.

Augartenbad (  Schönaugürtel 1 )

Auguartenbad is also close to the city center near the Augarten Park and has a 25-meter pool with a 5-meter diving tower, long slide and kids swimming area.

Stukitzbad (Andritz)

Stukizbad is another smaller 25m pool with a nice neighourhood feeling in Andritz. Also has a kids pool, slide and play area.

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