Learning German in Graz

German Classes and Conversation Groups in Graz

Start Punkt Deutsch offers a free service offering personalized advice on finding the right German course (includes placement test) plus information on subsidy options. They also list most of the current German courses taking place in Graz on their website.                                            

Private Language Schools

Deutsch und Mehr  

Deutsch in Graz

Deutsch im Trend

Affordable or free German Classes with non-profit organisations.

Ikemba (free courses often including childcare)

SicherLeben’s Weichenstellwerk (free courses)

Begegnungszentrum Graz-Süd (free course often including childcare)

Caritas Akademie

DANAIDA (for women only, includes childcare)

ISOP (free, some courses require a placement test first through StartPunkt Graz)

Urania (cost depends on number of participants – the fuller the class, the cheaper the price is)

VHS – Volkshochschule (if you or your partner work in Styria you can also use the €60 AK Bildungsscheck towards the cost)

BFI – (can also use the €60 Bildungsscheck towards the cost plus 5% discount for AK members). 


fh-joanneum offer intensive German courses every semester

Chiala (cost depends on income)

Mehrgenerationenhaus Waltendorf

Free German Conversation Groups

Frauenservice – Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings for women

NOWA – Wednesday mornings twice a month for women

Deutsch-um-Drei at Stadtbibliothek for women, includes free childcare

Familien_Kompetenz_Zentrum -Treffpunkt Deutsch Friday mornings for parents

Grätzeltreff Geidorf “Deutsch mit Trudi”- once a month, B1+

On-line free German classes

ÖIF offer free on-line classes from A1 – B2. No registration needed, just click on the live class.


ISOP offers free after school German classes

DeutschundMehr and ISOP offer free German summer schools for kids

2 thoughts on “Learning German in Graz

  1. Am very interested in this course of Germany language so how I do I register where do I come it’s online courses or am needed to come to you directly tell me more about yourself.


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