Graz Opera

The Graz Opera House is wonderful grand old building and a fun night out. The program includes a wide range of classical and modern performances from opera, ballet, family shows to musicals.


The Kostprobe (taster evenings) are a great opportunity to preview a performance. For only €5 you can see a rehearsal of the first half of a performance (without stage lighting and half costumed). Every September they also offer an evening with previews of all the upcoming performances for the season.


Receive a 50% discount on tickets (up to age of 27) and €8 for last minute tickets. They also offer performances with special after sessions just for students ‘Nachklang’.

First years students can get a ticket for just €1 for the winter or spring semester (limited to the first 1,000 students).

Free travel on public transport

Your ticket includes free travel to the Opera House on public transport up to 3 hours before the performance and back home for up to 7 hours after the performance start time.


For small children they offer Sitzkissenkonzerte performances for kids 3 – 6 yrs. Sitting on cushions close to the orchestra, children get to experience different instruments and interact with the music. They also offer a special playtime session for kids 2 yrs.

Other activities include a kids theater club where they meet regularly and then hold a performance, backstage evening tours and introduction sessions to help kids prepare for the family performances.

There are also theater workshops and clubs for teenagers.

For certain matinee performances it’s possible to book the kids (5 yrs +) into a theater workshop for only €10 while the parents enjoy some child-free time watching a show.

Children pay a 50% discount on tickets (except for kids shows as they are already reduced) and just €8 for last minute tickets.


With a subscription you can see a set number of performances every season for a 40% discount and 30% for any additional performances. A good deal for regular visitors.

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