Local podcast and blogs

A few fun local blog and podcast recommendations about living in Austria or learning German.

Vienna based, these two well-written blogs offer a witty and insightful look into Austrian life from a foreigner’s perspective.

Curmudgeon in the Cottaage

Up the Danube without a Paddle

Travel blogs are another fun way to discover more about about Graz with lots of information on restaurants, shopping, sightseeing etc. You can find a useful list of blogs on the Graz tourist website with lots of tips and recommendations for exploring the city and beyond!

Yellow of the Egg is an good podcast all about learning German. He talks with language experts and explains the quirks of the German language.

Grazy Talks is a nice way to practise your German listening skills.Peter Obersteiner interviews interesting people from Graz such as the founders of Megaphon, Decagram, Nachhaltig in Graz, Greenwalks etc. You can also follow him on instagram.

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