ZAM – job training for women

ZAM is an organisation funded by AMS and Steiermark to help women find employment. They offer advice, workshops, job training and apprenticeships. They work with women from all backgrounds – looking to enter the job market for the first time, re-entering after a career break, or for those looking to retrain and change careers. They offer both general training programs to see where your skills lie, or training for specific professions. For example you can read about their ‘FIT’ program (Frauen in die Technic) here. (ZAM also works to help women train for non-traditional female roles – technology, engineering, electrics, sciences, manufacturing, construction, lab work etc). You can also read profiles of women who found new career paths through ZAM training. Plus here about their dual learning-on-the job training program which also comes with financial support and insurances (they work with many different companies in Steiermark).

To access their services, you need to be registered with AMS and ask your advisor to refer you to ZAM. Many of the training programs also have info days where you can learn more (see here for their current programs). The training is all in German so you will need a fairly good level, at least B2 + (except for nursing assistants / care givers where they offer German and job training together in the same program).

You can also view the brochure above here

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