Where to buy a cake in Graz

For special occasions and birthdays it’s nice to have a cake specially made. Here are some options where you can order a cake or have one custom made (remember to order a week or more in advance if possible). Further down I have some recommendations for store brought cakes when you need a emergency one straight away! Plus some ideas for where to buy cake decorations when making your own,

Mehlspeisenfräulein is run by two young women who love to bake! They offer homemade cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and tarts in a wide range of delicious flavours. They also offer a regular pop up bakery (more details on their facebook) and you can see a quick overview of all their lovely creations on instagram


Frankowitsch is well known for their Brötchenbar and prosecco, plus they have an amazing patisserie counter with delicious perfectly formed tiny cakes. They can also make big cakes for special orders and for those who can’t decide on one flavour – they have a 4-in-1 cake!

Mimi’s Graz is another young woman has a cake studio on the corner of Geidorfplatz. Her custom made cakes are truly imaginative and playful! You can see a quick overview of her work on instagram

@ mimis-graz

Das Tortenatelier (Triesterstrasse 136) Another brilliantly trained baker who can make tradtional classic cakes or delightfully creative designs. You can see her price list and cake selection here and an overview of her amazing creations on instagram.

Loana CakeAway (Sporgasse 26) yet another great cake maker! Custom made cakes, cupcakes, Petits Fours and cake pops. They also have a selection of small ready made cakes and other sweet treats in their cafe on Sporgasse which you can enjoy with a glass of Prosecco or an Espresso.

valerina Alina is a private baker and has also been recommended on facebook.

Dream and Taste is another private baker on facebook

Another option is to visit a traditional Konditorei cafe where you can pick up sweet things and also order a tradtional Austrian cake in advance.

Kristinas Meisterkonditorei, Girardigasse 6-8

Konditorei Philipp, Krenngasse 38

Konditorei Café Klescher Alte Poststraße 90

Konditorei Östa, Annenstraße 64

Omas Teekanne Nikolaiplatz 1

For a spontaneous affordable cake, you can visit Merkur who have fresh cakes or look in the frozen desert section at Billa or Spar – the Sachertorte is surprisingly good!

If you are making your own cake and need decorations I can recommend the charming tiny store Dekor für deine Torte (Färbergasse 1) which have a big selection of sugar & marizpan decorations and other supplies. Plus she can make handmake custom ones too.

Pagro also have a good selection of cake making decorations.

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