Local Artist – Tamzin

As part of my local shopping guide, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite artists & shops in Graz.

Today I would like you to meet the delightful pattern designer Tamzin Merivale!

Originally from Ireland, Tamzin recently moved from Florence to settle in Graz. Her love of doodling led to the creation of her stunning patterns. There is a gentle balance in her work and the simple flow of her geometric shapes and curved lines are pleasantly soothing to look at. The varying shades of blue are also calming to the soul and she enjoys playing around with the positive mood effect of colour . Originally intended for her fabric collection, she realised people also enjoyed having her designs as wall prints.

Plus she has a lovely collection of greeting cards.

Inspiration for her designs come from many sources, such as her strong association with the Irish sea and also the cracked desert earth from her time in Africa.

Tamzin studied International Development with an emphasis on sustainability and this is also an important aspect in her art making. She endeavors whenever possible to source her paper, ink and packaging from renewable sources. She also strives to be a low-waste producer

This Christmas she has a limited edition of beautiful cards.

Coming out soon are samples of her new fabric collection of cushions and scarves (to be produced next year), printed by an Irish family run business using eco friendly pigment inks.

You can follow Tamzin on Instagram and Facebook to see her new work, order from her website or visit the Bohemian Soul Beehive store to see a selection of her cards.

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