Local Shop – Fabeltisch

As part of my local shopping guide, I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite artists & shops in Graz. Today is Fabeltisch!

Fabeltisch is a new store near Lendplatz (Mariahilferstraße 23, opposite the die Haarschneiderei). They opened this year and have a beautiful range of ceramics manufactured in Portugal in the prettiest colours and good prices!

They have 3 ranges. One is production overstock or slight imperfections and is priced by the kilo. (They have an old fashion scales handy so you can determine the price beforehand). Their huge bowls are great value and make good presents!

The second range are made in moulds and then handfinished.

and the third is all handmade

So many unique shapes and colours! Plus tiles and mugs.

Plus they have a corner for local artists. At time of writing these pieces are made by the Werkstätte Meierei at Diakonie de La tour who support people with disabilities and learning difficulties to make art.

You can follow Fabeltisch on facebook and instagram. Their open hours can vary so check before visiting, but they are usually open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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