Tips for free or discounted admission to the Joanneum Museums

The Universalmuseum Joanneum  is a collection of 19 museums in and around Graz. While not quite as world class as those in Vienna or London, they are all still well worth a visit and cover art, sculpture, archaeology, history, natural sciences, literature, gardens, hunting and much more. They also offer a rich cultural program of events, workshops and exhibitions and a special kids program.

There are several different ticketing options – depending on whether you wish to visit just one museum, or a general admissions ticket for all museums for 24 / 48 hrs. For frequent visitors the €25 yearly membership card is good value. Additionally below are my tips for visiting for free or discounted admission.

Several times a year the museums offer free entry (e.g on Austrian National Day on October 26). There is also free entry on special days for particular groups – mothers & children around Mother’s days (also special days for fathers & grandparents too!) . Plus the opening night of a new exhibition is always free entry too.

For up-to-date information be sure to check out the bi-monthly programs which you can pick up from the museums, libraries, tourist office etc or you can register to have it delivered directly to your home by post. These will show any special free entry days, and when new exhibitions are opening

Drei mobile customers receive the added bonus of ‘3KulturSonntag’ whereby every Sunday they can get two tickets for the price of one at every museum.

If you have a ‘Halb / Jahreskarte’ half or years travel card or Park+Ride-Kombi ticket, you can also visit the following museums for free:

  • Naturkundemuseum
  • Neue Galerie Graz
  • Landeszeughaus
  • Kunsthaus Graz
  • Schloss Eggenberg (excluding state room tour)

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