How to meet people in Graz

Here are a few places to meet other international (English speaking) people.

Seddwell Center is one of my favourite places – a home from home for internationals & locals. It’s a bit of hidden treasure but once you find your way there you’ll receive a warm welcome. They host workshops, art exhibitions, music evenings, crafts markets, and much more. Plus there is a Koha (donation) cafe, and it’s my favourite place to take German classes. Becoming a member gives lots of great benefits. Their motto is ‘a place for people to help create the world they wish to live in order to build happier, healthier communities’. Follow them on facebook to see what’s coming up.

An English speaking international Playgroup for moms and babies / tots also meets Fridays 11:00 – 13.00 at Seddwell.

Early English playgroup run by a lovely Canadian is another way to connect with English speaking moms. You can also see more on her instagram.

IWA Graz – International Womens Association of Graz is a very friendly and supportive group of over 100 international English speaking women (it’s another of my favourites!). They have a monthly coffee morning & evening event plus other fun activities throughout the year. They also have a very active facebook group which is a great forum to ask questions and get advice. There is a membership fee to join but you are welcome to visit one of their meetups for free.

Women in Graz is another friendly group of international English speaking women. Their facebook page is also a great place to ask questions and to connect with other women. There is a lot of creativity in this group and fun events organized.

US Americans in Graz is (yes! – another friendly) group of Americans that get together occasionally. Their facebook page is a good place to connect, get information and ask questions especially about American related matters. And there is also a local chapter of Democrats Abroad in Graz.

English Discussion Cafe is a monthly English discussion group, attendees bring topics they’re interested in and everyone votes for the top three for a lively exchange of ideas.

InterNations Graz is part of a worldwide expat group and has monthly get-togethers in bars around Graz (free membership). There are also smaller subgroups such as an art dinner group that requires you have a paid membership.

Anglo-Austrian Society is group of Austrian and English speaking nationals, they have regular meet ups for example, pub quizzes and enjoy celebrating 4th of July, Thanksgiving etc. There is a membership fee.

The Anglo-Austrian Circle has a regular English speaking Stammtisch on Thursday 8 pm at die Herzl Weinstube open to anyone.

CINT also offers a monthly international stammtisch at the Kunsthauscafe open to everyone.

Quiz nights are held weekly at two English pubs in Graz (Tuesday at the Office Pub and Thursday at The Pub). They also host regular sports evenings and other English events.

The Büro der Nachbarschaften hold intercultural events and the Frauenservice also holds monthly intercultural breakfasts and other events.

Sports – there are many clubs covering just about every sport in Graz. Great place to meet new people, get some exercise and practice your German!

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