Where to buy a christmas tree in Graz

Austrians usually don’t put up their christmas trees until Dec 24th (as Christkind brings and decorates the tree in many homes on this date). So the Christmas stands in the center of Graz open later than in other countries – Dec 10th in 2022. It’s also possible to find a tree earlier at places like Obi, garden centers such as Bella Flora, furniture stores like XXXLutz or Ikea, shopping centers or parking lots at some supermarkets. These trees are often cheaper than the official christmas stands but look to see if the tree has been imported. It’s also possible to buy a living tree in a pot at many of these places too.

According to old farmer traditions, the best time to cut down christmas trees in Styria is three days before the 11th full moon, so many have already been felled in mid November. Supposedly the trees should then last longer or lose needles less. The Arbeiterkammer reported in 2021 the average cost of a 2 meter christmas tree was between 19 Euro und 50 Euro with an average price of 38,60 Euro. Prices may well be a bit higher this year. After purchase the tree should be stored in a cool but frost-free place. When buying, take a look at the cut surface: the lighter it is, the fresher the tree. Austrians seem to avoid watering their trees, but it does help them to stay fresh and the needles from falling off.

Local farmers have set up their stands on corners, squares and parks around Graz. You can find trees of all sizes and they will wrap them for you to carry home or store them until you are ready to pick them up. Look for the red and white striped label with ‘Steirischer Christbaum’ to know it’s a local Styrian tree. Below is a list of christmas tree stand locations from Grazer.net.

There are also options to cut your own tree at tree farms outside Graz such as Christbaum Verkauf or Hofladen Pfeifer-Sieber in Mariatrost, or to choose a tree and have it cut down just before christmas at places such as Greimel You can search on this useful site for local christmas trees vendors in your area with the options to cut your own tree or buy a living tree in a pot (look at the symbol chart on the main page). There are two bigger companies who rent living trees, prices are more expensive but include delivery and pick up – Gartenbau Wilhelm and Green Tree.at.

For affordable second hand tree decorations I can recommend checking out your local carla store, most have a good selection at very good prices.

After christmas, the city of Graz has 70 sites around Graz where you can dispose of your christmas tree for free until January 21st (remove all the decorations first).

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