Lets Go! Graz – 2021 sports challenge

You may have already seen the ‘Lets Go! Graz‘ posters all over Graz promoting their new 2021 sports campaign to get citizens moving – especially aimed at children, pensioners and non-active residents.

There are a list of challenges, for example motivating as many people as possible to walk up the Schloßberg. Take a ticket (look for the Lets Go board at the bottom of the Schlossberg steps) which you can then use to take a digital selfie at the photobooth by the clocktower. Or if you are coming up the paths from Karmeliterplatz or Wickenburggasse, look out for the board with a QR code on it at the path entrances, which you can save on your phone to also use at the photopoint.

Another fun challenge is ‘7 Summits‘ – climbing the 7 highest or most famous peaks around Graz. Download a stamp pass here, or pick one up from Graz Holding. Then at the top of each peak look out for the Green Let’s Go 7 summits sign and you’ll find a stamp underneath. (Below is a list of the peaks and where to find the stamps). This is especially fun for kids!

Schloßberg (by the big lion statue)
Lustbühel (by the Satellitenstation near the schloss)
Fürstenstand (in the parkplace by the Restaurant Mausser)
St. Johann und Paul (on the viewing platform behind the small church)
Buchkogel (by the Rudolf-Warte climbing tower)
Die Platte (by the Stephanienwarte tower)
Schöckl (by the Alpengasthof)

Once you have a completed pass, you can submit it to receive a certificate and a hiking pin. Plus the chance to win 5 nights at the Stubenberghaus am Schöckl, including a sunrise breakfast!

You can also download a ‘steps’ pedometer app here to track your progress (kids also love this!), or it can be used for sports clubs, schools and companies to compete against each other.

Plus there is a useful Grazer SportsMap to find sports grounds, hiking, bike and running trails around Graz.

There are also lots of events such as running challenges, and when restrictions allow, there will be regular Friday sports demonstrations at the Hauptplaz including Cheerleading, Trampolin, Squash, Lacrosse etc.

There will also be an exhibition at CoSA (Center of Science Activities) from March 26 – November 21- ‘Fertig? Los! The history of sport and technology’ There will be six areas to do with sport, historical objects, hands-on stations and much more!

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