Free Entrepreneurship Training Course (in English!)

It can be hard as a foreigner to enter the job market in Austria, so you may be thinking about starting your own businesses. If so and your idea has a social mission then you may well be interested in the Social Business Modelling course for future entrepreneurs at FH Joanneum Graz. This is a free course in English for third country nationals (non-eu migrants) in which you will learn the entrepreneurial skills and competences required to set up a social business

The course includes 5 modules on core competencies for social entrepreneurs:

  • 1 attendance day per module at FH JOANNEUM Graz (April 2020 – June 2020) with creative workshops
  • E-learning exercises between attendance days
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Course language: English

You can read more information here, apply (deadline April 20th) and also follow what the participants in the current course are doing on facebook .

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